A black and white photograph of a stethoscope

Potential Health Issues Cause Retirement Anxiety: Should They?

According to Rick Kahler of US, fee-based Kahler Financial Group, baby boomers are fretting about medical costs in retirement. But the real issue isn’t the cost of bad health, but the cost of good health.

In an interview with Forbes, Kahler recently stated, “What is often overlooked is that medical expenses before retirement are inherently more volatile than those after retirement…”

Kahler went on to explain that both insurance and “…Medicare almost eliminate[s] unexpected health care costs after retirement.” He also highlights that financial researcher Michael Kitces explains healthcare costs in retirement aren’t as daunting when broken into monthly payments as opposed to one lump sum.

Where Kahler says boomers’ fear should be directed is actually outliving their retirement income: “Those who still need something to worry about can focus instead on what really counts: sufficient retirement income… saving enough… so they will have enough money to provide for the rest of their lives.”

Are healthcare costs a concern amongst your clients, or they more worried about running out of money in general?

H/t Forbes