Coming soon…Vault.

You asked for it, so we’re building it.   Safely store and share documents in one central location, accessible anytime from anywhere. Voyant’s Vault helps you:   ✅ Simplify data and document intake✅ Quickly search and retrieve important information✅ Decrease compliance risk✅ Reduce carbon footprint Launching Fall 2022. More details to follow.  Continue reading Coming soon…Vault.

Just Launched – ClientGo

We’re thrilled to announce a more engaging, collaborative and interactive client experience with the launch of ClientGo.  ClientGo is Voyant’s goal-centric, client-facing platform designed to engage and delight using intuitive drag-and-drop prompts and timelines. With ClientGo, you can:   Share a plan with any client on any device   Review and edit plans in real-time   Jumpstart the fact-finding process and allow clients to build their own plan    … Continue reading Just Launched – ClientGo

The Future of Financial Planning is Digital

When was the last time you actually walked into a bank to deposit a check? We can’t remember either. Digital transformation has changed the face of financial services, from banking and payments to lending and crowdfunding to blockchain and crypto. In countless ways it’s made our lives so much easier. Financial planning is another story. Across the industry, too many advisors still rely on face-to-face … Continue reading The Future of Financial Planning is Digital